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Rather than being one or the other, lead generation is a part of both sales and marketing. While most leads are generated through a form of marketing, they are generated to help drive sales and increase business opportunities.

Unfortunately, in some situations, there can be mild hostility and tension between the sales and marketing teams within a business. This is often tied to a crossover of roles and responsibilities, disagreement of methods, a lack of communication, or unaligned strategies.

To create an effective lead generation process from start to finish, sales and marketing need to work together in harmony rather than frequently clashing with one another.

When creating a lead generation strategy that brings together your sales and marketing teams, you need to develop a clearly laid out, and easily understandable process that both teams can use to effectively work together.

This process should include:

  • A clearly mapped out document explaining which teams and individuals hold specific roles and responsibilities.
  • A clear and quick method of communication that both teams can access.
  • A clear understanding of when information needs to be shared/discussed between departments and the individuals who should be addressed in each circumstance.

An effective lead generation strategy should be able to segment sales and marketing whilst simultaneously bringing them together. This can take a good amount of work to get right, but when done correctly your process for generating new business will be far smoother and more efficient.  

Lead generation is a vital part of generating new business opportunities and growing your business. Without some form of lead generation, your business can often struggle to keep up with those competitors who are regularly engaging with potential customers.

For some businesses, gaining new customers may not require a great deal of effort, especially if their offering is filling a large gap in the market, is of a high quality and has little competition.

Other businesses, however, will have to develop and maintain a consistent lead generation strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

Besides keeping up a steady stream of new business and beating the competition, lead generation allows businesses to keep in contact with their audience, build brand awareness, and build a database of prospects and potential clients. It also helps to map out the landscape of the market, and when done correctly can provide value to both the client and the business. 

There are many benefits to outsourced lead generation and it ultimately begins with cost. It’s the cost related to salaries and benefits in addition to burden and expense associated with recruiting, hiring and training. Managerial time should also be taken into account, as should the ramp-up time it will take to build, train and maintain an inside team (that will likely have high turnover). Just as you’re an expert at what you do, B2B lead generation companies are experts at what they do. They follow the best practices based on proven results to produce the highest possible ROI for the time spent on prospecting.

Lasting success often requires more than setting up a shop and hoping customers find your business. Lead generation streamlines the sales process by targeting interested buyers and feeding them through a proven appointment setting system. Without lead generation services in your arsenal, you could miss crucial opportunities to grow your business. Not only are B2B lead generation services valuable to your business, but it could be the key to keeping your company alive.

For instance, a lead generation company will set up retargeting campaigns to convert prospects that were once interested in your service. A retargeting service uses advanced proprietary software that tracks inbound and outbound calls, verifying that every effort reaches its potential audience. Recreating these sales opportunities will maximize your B2B sales opportunities, ensuring that every prospective customer gets a second chance to make the right decision.

LeadDirect’s full-funnel lead generation services ensure that your team has a full B2B sales pipeline throughout the year. Our experts combine these proven lead generation services with our finely tuned follow up process so that every lead receives all the attention they deserve to make the right decision. Eventually, you will have a fully qualified appointment set with a qualified decision-maker. After setting the appointment, our team will transition the lead to your sales team. We will also measure the ROI to determine the quality of the lead and appointment.

By using the BANT model, you are able to determine whether a particular prospect has the required budget to go ahead with the sale, whether you are speaking to the right person within that organization, whether the organization has a real need for your offering, and what the proposed timeline for the close of the sale will be.

These processes help determine whether an opportunity is worth pursuing and if you will be able to provide your full level of service to the prospect.

In marketing, CTA refers to a “Call to Action” button or sign that helps the prospective customer reach out to the company or take a desired action. It can use texts such as: “Call us now”, “Find out more”, “Book a demo” and more.

The visibility of every CTA is extremely important. If a visitor sees it clearly, and more often, there are higher chances that they would use it.

But, do keep it in mind that using it almost ‘everywhere’ (after every few lines on your website), would really annoy the consumer, so aim for balance.

Many lead generation companies have different approaches and methods. One major decision is how much effort is to be spent on inbound versus outbound lead generation. Outbound is old school but can pay dividends. Inbound typically requires more digital marketing savvy. LeadDirect will provide tracking, reporting and support services.

Appointment setting is a proven methodology in sales and is proven to increase sales opportunities for companies in various industries. Appointment setting services include various tactics that gather the interest of key decision-makers in your industry, as well as deliver qualified sales appointments.

Working from the ground-up, LeadDirect unleashes a custom appointment-setting strategy using several methodologies. Whether through the phone, email, social, or web, our clients gain interest from their ideal clients. LeadDirect proves time and again that we can plug opportunity goals into our system and generate the desired outcome for our clients. Working with our team of experts, you’ll meet with qualified decision-makers through our proven appointment-setting methods.

One of the main advantages of partnering with an appointment-setting company is time management. Along with receiving expert guidance from our B2B experts, you have time to focus on other parts of your business while we optimize your sales strategy. Stay laser-focused on running your business by letting our finely-tuned processes do what they do best— consistently deliver qualified sales opportunities to your closers.

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